1.1.56 $OUTPUT_FORMAT : Specify the output format

The directive {$OUTPUT_FORMAT format} has the same functionality as the -A command line option: it tells the compiler what kind of object file must be generated. You can specify this switch only before the Program or Unit clause in your source file. The different kinds of formats are shown in table (1.1).

The default output format depends on the platform the compiler was compiled on.

Table 1.1: Formats generated by the x86 compiler

Switch valueGenerated format

AS AT&T assembler file.
AS_AOUT Go32v1 assembler file.
ASW AT&T Win32 assembler file.
COFF Go32v2 COFF object file.
MASM Masm assembler file.
NASM Nasm assembler file.
NASMCOFFNasm assembler file (COFF format).
NASMELF Nasm assembler file (ELF format).
PECOFF PECOFF object file (Win32).
TASM Tasm assembler file.