3.1.5 Configuration file

Not all options must be given on the compiler command line. The compiler can use a configuration file which can contain the same options as on the command line. There can be only one command-line option on each line in the configuration file.

Unless you specify the -n (see page 94) option, the compiler will look for a configuration file fpc.cfg in the following places:

Versions prior to version 1.0.6 of the compiler used a configuration file ppc386.cfg. This file is still searched, but its usage is considered deprecated. For compatibility, fpc.cfg will be searched first, and if not found, the file ppc386.cfg will be searched and used.

Remark: The searching for ppc386.cfg will be removed from the compiler in version 2.4.0. To indicate this, the compiler gives a warning as of version 2.3.1 if it uses a ppc386.cfg configuration file.