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Reference for unit 'math'

Additional mathematical routines.




The system unit



Various system utilities.


This document describes the math unit. The math unit was initially written by Florian Klaempfl. It provides mathematical functions which aren't covered by the system unit.

This chapter starts out with a definition of all types and constants that are defined, after which an overview is presented of the available functions, grouped by category, and the last part contains a complete explanation of each function.

The following things must be taken into account when using this unit:

  1. This unit is compiled in Object Pascal mode so all integers are 32 bit.
  2. Some overloaded functions exist for data arrays of integers and floats. When using the address operator (@) to pass an array of data to such a function, make sure the address is typecasted to the right type, or turn on the 'typed address operator' feature. failing to do so, will cause the compiler not be able to decide which function you want to call.

Related topics



Geometrical functions



Statistical functions



Number converting



Exponential and logarithmic functions



Hyperbolic functions



Trigoniometric functions



Angle unit conversion



Min/max determination

The latest version of this document can be found at lazarus-ccr.sourceforge.net.