Local compiler switches cmd short long explanation ____________________________ $A $ALIGN Align Data. A $ASMMODE Select assembler mode. $B $BOOLEVAL Use complete boolean evaluation. Sa $C $ASSERTIONS Enable assertion support. $CALLING Set default calling convention d $DEFINE Define a symbol. $ELSE Switch conditional compilation. $ENDIF End conditional compilation. $ERROR Generate error message. $F Use far or near functions. $FATAL Generate fatal error message. Sg $GOTO Support Goto and Label. $H $LONGSTRINGS Use AnsiStrings. $HINT Generate hint message. vh $HINTS Emit hints $IF Start conditional compilation. $IFDEF Start conditional compilation. $IFNDEF Start conditional compilation. $IFOPT Start conditional compilation. $INFO Generate info message. Si $INLINE Enable inline code support. Ci $I $IOCHECKS Include Input/Output checking. $I $INCLUDE Include file. $I $INCLUDE Include compiler info. $L $LINK Link object file. $LINKLIB Link to a library. $M $TYPEINFO Generate Run-Time type information. Sm $MACRO Enable macro support. $MAXFPUREGISTER set maximum number of FPU registers $MESSAGE Generate info message. $MMX Enable Intel MMX support. $NOTE Generate note message. vn $NOTES Emit notes. A $OUTPUT_FORMAT Select compiler output format. $P $OPENSTRINGS Use open strings. $PACKENUM Specify minimum enumeration type size. $PACKRECORDS Specify Alignment of record elements. Co $Q $OVERFLOWCHECKS Use overflow checking. Cr $R $RANGECHECKS Use range checking. $SATURATION Enable saturation operations. XX $SMARTLINK Use smartlinking. St $STATIC Enable use of Static keyword. $STOP Generate fatal error message. $T $TYPEDADDRESS Enable typed address operator. u $UNDEF Undefine a symbol. $V $VARSTRINGCHECKS Use strict var-string checking. $WAIT Wait for enter key press. $WARNING Generate warning message. $WARNINGS Emit warnings. $X $EXTENDEDSYNTAX Enable use of extended syntax.____________________ Global compiler switches cmd short long explanation ______________________________ $APPID Set application ID (PalmOS) $APPNAME Set application name (PalmOS) $APPTYPE Specify type of application (Windows only) g $D $DEBUGINFO Include debugging symbols. $DESCRIPTION Not supported. $E Enable emulation of coprocessor. $G Generate 80286 code. Fi $INCLUDEPATH Specify include file search path. $L $LOCALSYMBOLS Enable local symbol information. Fl $LIBRARYPATH Specify library search path. $M $MEMORY Specify memory sizes. M $MODE Specify compiler compatibility mode. $N Enable numeric processing. $O Enable overlay code generation. Fo $OBJECTPATH Specify object file search path. Ct $S Use stack checking Fu $UNITPATH Specify unit file search path. $VERSION Set DLL version (Windows) $W $STACKFRAMES Generate stackframes. b $Y $REFERENCEINFO Insert browser information.______________________________ 2